Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Dream

The Dream.

We all have one.

In mine, there is a tall, blue castle with many turrets, a large black-eared mouse, and three beautiful little girls with  mouths agape with wonder.

Is my dream an idol?  This is what a wrestle with, daily.  My sister got back from her senior class trip to Disney world last night, and just looking at the pictures almost brought tears to my eyes.  Grace was overjoyed looking at each fabulous shot of one of her favorite characters...and then came the statement,

"I want to go to Disney World."

In this moment, in the present life of our family, my dream will remain just that.  We are still quite homeless (despite the mortgage payments) and my husband's equally beautiful dream of returning to our little home will be realized soon...but his, like mine, is an expensive dream, and of course much more necessary!  We have no idea what our financial situation will be at the end of this trial, but regardless, we cannot make big plans for lavish vacations at this time. 

But back to my question: is it idolatry?  We all make idols of things- comfort, happiness, excitement...true joy, I know, can only come from the Lord.  It is in Him that I find my comfort, His Word derives excitement, my hope in Him makes me truly happy.  So when does a dream become an idol?  I suppose it happens when the dream lives in your heart, in the place where Christ belongs.  The best things in life turn to idolatry when they become the most important thing...when attaining the dream, rather than glorifying the Lord, becomes our focus.

By this definition, I would say that sometimes my dream is my idol.  But in my purer moments, the dream is good, and I don't think it is impossible.  It will take time, focus on other things, saving, planning, maturity of heart and mind, and other such small miracles to get us there.  For now, I can continue to dream, but more importantly I will live, here and now, for my God.  I will do His will by caring for those dearest blessings and dreams which He has given me; three beautiful little girls, who leave my mouth agape with wonder every day.

What is your dream?

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