Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Idea...

I remember a girl a long time ago who considered herself to be a writer...she was me, of course, and over the past few years there's been no room in my life for writing. There hasn't been room for many of the things I used to be passionate about, actually, like reading well-written novels, listening to new music, spending quiet time by myself...(my passion for ellipses, however, has not waned...).
Today my life is filled with new passions. Passions that are more demanding, but also more rewarding. The relationships in my life have become central to who I am and what I spend my time doing. Jesus Christ is the central person in my life from whom all other passions flow...although as a fallen woman I often come quite short of true passion for Him. One of my hopes with this blog is that writing my ideas down for others to read will help me to focus more fully on Him.
My family is the truest proof of God's love in my life. My husband and children show me the world in new and beautiful ways every day, and through them I have come to know and understand the Lord all the more. My husband, Jesse, is a strong leader and my best friend, as well as pretty much the smartest guy I know. My daughters, my beautiful Grace and Evangeline, are the most challenging, edifying, encouraging people I know. I know too that our new addition, baby Adelaide who will be arriving sometime in early October, will join them in their constant joy and mirth, and will add a new dimension to our family.
I don't really know if this is what a blog is supposed to be like. To be honest, I haven't read many, so I'm not sure why I expect you to read mine. But I thought to myself, as I avoided cleaning the bathrooms (the dirt will still be there in half an hour) that the girl I once knew, the one who was passionate about writing, might like to start speaking to the world once again. So this is a new attempt at an old, beloved passion...


  1. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! :)

  2. This seems like a wonderful blog! Fun, fun! I love you, and I look forward to reading your writings.

  3. Hi Courtney! We can be blog buddies. :) Looking forward to more posts!