Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In anticipation of time...

It has been a lifetime since my last post! As with many things in my life, my enthusiasm for blogging waned as the realities of busyness (and yes, laziness) got in the way. But this Saturday, our family will be moving out of the apartment that we have somewhat reluctantly called home for almost a year, and into my parent's house while our real home is finished being rebuilt. In anticipation of this move, and the free time that I hope living in another woman's home might bring (when I'm not freaking out about keeping my mom's perfect home clean), I decided to start this thing up again!
These past months have been filled with wonderful blessings. Adelaide's birth was a beautiful, rewarding, and of course painful experience. I'll write her birth story in a separate post. Since our littlest girl made her way into the world, we have seen our big girls grow and change in a lot of ways. Gracie is maturing and learning, she loves to read and play and is always using her imagination. I see a tendency in myself to put too much pressure on her as the oldest. I expect much from her, and I need to remind myself that she is still a little girl, growing and finding her way in the world. Evangeline is full of life, totally in love with her baby sister...and pushing every boundary she can find. She is both a joy and a challenge...but I hear that's what this motherhood thing is all about. Adelaide is a constant joy to us all! Her sweet little face makes everyone smile, and she is, as were her sisters before her, a wonderful baby. We love to see her change and grow more every day, but as her mother, I struggle with wanting her to stay small, helpless, and completely dependent on me. As for Jesse and I, we cling to each other and to the Lord as we move into this newest stage in our life. It is hard to imagine that just a little more than 6 years ago we were much has changed in such a short time! We are older, stronger...weaker too, I think. But in love as ever, with each other, our children, and our God.


  1. This was wonderful.
    You make me want to blog, too, but I know I would be pitiful with keeping up with it.

    Love you, Courtney!

  2. Thank you Jon! Jenn, you couldn't possibly be as pitiful as I am! Love you too!

  3. It was fun to see your post in my blog feeder. Everyone has their own reasons for blogging. Mine is for family updates and a family journal. I'm personally an infrequent poster and feel that there is no reason to be pressured to post more than you are able.

    You write beautifully. Congratulations on your sweet Adelaide! I am looking forward to hearing more of her story.

  4. Thanks for sharing.