Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have been very inspired recently to be a more crafty mom.  Once a week we do a homeschool Co-op with our good friends, and we always do a fun craft along with our lesson.  That is great, but I am trying to bring crafting into our daily lives, and not just for the big girls (who do LOVE doing crafts) but also for myself.  The only problem is, I'm not a very crafty person!  I really can't sew, I knit, but I can't find the time to finish any projects, and I am no artist!  However, I think it's important to try, and I do feel like there is a crafty person somewhere inside of me, I just have to give her some skill to go along with her crafty spirit!  So, this is an homage to my very rough start as a crafty mama...
The girls and I did some sketching together.  It was really fun to just sit and draw with them!
This is my silly little sketch...I'm a writer, not an artist ;).  My girls were not happy about not having eyes!
Gracie drew a picture of Joshua and Caleb.  They are eating tangerine sized grapes and sipping on milk and honey!  We read this Bible story and sang a song from VBS about the spies Moses sent to the promised land this morning.

Evie's picture is very colorful.  It features a "big horn," and, if you look carefully, a very impressive number "7" in the top left corner!

I am also itching to try my hand at sewing.  I have decided to make the girls bubble skirts as my first project, but I need to get my hands on my sewing machine (a dear friend has been borrowing it) and find some great fabric!  In the meantime, Grace was sick on Sunday so Adelaide and I stayed home to take care of her.  To pass the time while we missed Jesse, Evie and our wonderful church family, I took some old scraps of fabric from Grace's nursery and turned them into a babydoll for Addy.
I really love these buttons that I found in my mom's sewing box!  Grace was very unhappy that the baby didn't have a smile, but I think I needed some different tools for that (an embroidery needle?).  My mom suggested we name her "Ina," since she just has eyes, and we love Ina Garten!  So, although she is a bit lopsided and funky, Ina is the first baby I have ever made...well, without the help of my hubby, that is! ;)
I don't think Adelaide notices how funny her baby is.  She loves her!

I hope to have more fun crafts and doodles to post soon!


  1. How sweet to make a baby doll. I love seeing anything handmade.

  2. I feel like I need to make the disclaimer that that is a digital thermometer in the background of Grace's picture, not a pregnancy test! Thanks, Gina, for giving me a heads up!

  3. ROFL... I thought the same thing when I saw that!! But then I saw the buttons and decided it MUST be a thermometer. =)

  4. Hahaha, well, I do love babies...

    Thank you, LR! I do too, which is why I want to learn to do more with my hands. Even though it is quite rudimentary, I am glad to have made that silly little baby doll!