Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Best Friend

"My beloved, you are the lover of my impossible soul." ~Sufjan Stevens

I am just so in love with this man.  He is an amazing husband, father, and friend for me.  10 years ago I was pining away for that cute boy Jesse Kafka, not even able to imagine how wonderful a life with him could be...I just wanted to hold his hand and go to the movies!  Today I know that my life would be a mess without him.  
He takes care of me, he leads me, he ministers to my impossible soul.
He has never thought twice about being a father of girls.  (Not that he had a choice!)  People ask me if he is going to make me "keep trying" for a boy.  While we both want more children, and would love to have a son, Jesse just isn't one of those "I need to have a boy" kind of guys.  He plays rough and tumble with his little girls, 
encourages them to be active and tough, but is also always willing to be their Prince Charming.

He is a SERIOUS sports fan, but I love that he has perspective!  He watches games, listens to sports radio, reads articles, and follows every major sport (and even some minor ones), but sports are not his life. 
 He is overjoyed when his team wins, but a big loss never ruins his day!

He is a serious, smart, mature man, but he knows how to have fun!  We are always arguing about which of us is funnier (it's me, by the way) but we usually just end up laughing about the dumb things we both say!

He is a great sport and even agreed to wear pink for Evie's 1st birthday party.  
(After I assured him that he looked extremely masculine in it!)

Here's something superficial I love about my husband-he is really cute...and has a big face.  I have been plagued with a large head all my life, and I'm so glad to have a husband whose head does not make mine look gi-hugic in pictures.  
Weird, but true.

He is so interested in his children.  Always willing to talk and listen to them!

He is really good at his job, and he does it cheerfully.  It is such a blessing that Jesse has a job that he loves, and even more so that he works hard to provide for his family!  I miss him so much when he is away on business, but we are all so grateful for his job!

He has never been scared of the babies, even when they were very little.  Diaper changing, supporting me through childbirth and nursing, groggily replacing the baby's pacifier in the middle of the night...he has always been a natural!

I love that all of my girls have his face!  I fell in love with that face, and I love seeing it over and over again in different shades and sizes!

He is not too grown-up to play!

He has never forgotten the promises he made on our wedding day.  I am not the woman I want to be, not the wife that I strive to be, but he loves me with the love of Christ, he cherishes, sacrifices, and daily lays down his life.  God has blessed me beyond measure with my wonderful husband, and I am forever in awe of His love and grace to us, two sinners in love.

Love never fails.


  1. look at you cuties! this is a great post girl :) and you have a beautiful family! can't say it enough!

  2. what joy! thanks for sharing your heart. :)

  3. Love it love it love it. Such a nice tribute to him. And I'm jealous that Jesse has a big head. Jay has a peanut head and my head looks huge next to it! :b

  4. and I have no idea why my name showed up like that. weird. ~Nicole

  5. How lovely to count the ways that your husband is a blessing. It was fun to see all the pictures and especially your lovely wedding photo. I enjoyed hearing your head story (but it is not as if I ever noticed that at all).

  6. Thank you Larissa!
    Nicole, I would have known it was you even with that weird number...don't worry, your head shrinks when you lose weight! I guess mine would to...I should try out that theory!
    LR- Thank you so much...and I appreciate you not noticing the largeness of my head! =P

  7. Okay, yeah, I kind of had tears welling up at the end of this post. <3