Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Amazing Imagineer

I remember the first time she asked me to pretend to be Cinderella's wicked stepmother.

"Not in public, only at home," I replied.

I just didn't like the idea of the sweet girl who I had carried in my womb and nursed on my breast referring to me as "Stepmovver" at the grocery store.

It seems as if we've been living in a world of make believe ever since Grace could talk...or maybe since she discovered princesses.  (Which I never thought would happen, but that belongs in a separate post!)  In her short five and a half years, Grace has been a caterpillar, an astronaut, a robot, a puppy dog, and a queen of an imaginary land.  And that's just Monday!

Right now she is Ponyo, a Japanese goldfish who falls in love with a little boy and turns into a little girl.  We watched the movie Ponyo yesterday, and the moment it was over she was running around in circles and asking for ham (Ponyo's favorite food).  When she woke up this morning she rushed through breakfast (quite a rarity) so that she could get into her red Ponyo dress.


There are times that I tire of having to stay in character as the evil queen, the rabbit mother, or the big bad wolf.  We even have a rule that Mommy can't be asked to play make believe when we are trying to get out of the house in a hurry (read: Sunday mornings).  I will never tire, though, of my beautiful dreamer's imagination.  I am even jealous, I think, of the world in which she lives.  I want to be Lucy, walking through the wardrobe into that magical land, or Eloise, who has her run of the entire Plaza hotel, or Mulan, a soldier who saves her nation.  I can't be those girls; my imagination started to wane long ago.  I am proud and blessed, though, to be their mother.

Gypsy Girl

Dr. Gracie

Queen Amidala
Tinker Bell (with Peter Pan and Captain Hook, her favorite partners in imagining!) 
Flamingo at the zoo!
Cindy Lou Who(s)

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