Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 1

I did it!  Even though I didn't go to bed until almost midnight (it was my own fault, we watched the final three episodes of Friday Night Lights...if you ever watched it you understand) and Jude woke up to nurse a little after five, I still managed to get myself out of bed at six this morning!  I think I have you to thank, even if there are just two of you who read yesterday's post, I am thankful because I know you believed I would actually get up when I said I would.  And so I did.

Today I am using my hour for cleansing and quiet.  I showered, (Which I will try to leave for naptime tomorrow.) drank [my first] cup of coffee, read my Bible, prayed, and did a little blog reading.  Now I have 13 minutes before my girls, who are already awake in their room, come downstairs and ask for milk.  I'm going to go eat my breakfast so that I can be attentive to their needs.  Thanks for remembering my Challenge.  I hope you all got a good night's sleep.  :)

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