Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 4- Did You Sleep in Yesterday?

Well, did I?  No, in fact yesterday I woke up even earlier, excited to start my day at 5:52 and ensure myself of a solid hour sitting, drinking coffee, and doing my quiet, kid-less thing.  My kids, however, had other ideas.  First is was Jude, who is back to waking up once to nurse in the middle of the night.  He had nursed sometime in the 4 o'clock hour, so I was surprised to hear him fussing at 6.  (He is usually the last one up in the morning!)  When I went to check on him, he was wet, but by the time I changed his diaper and PJ's it was clear that he wanted to play.  So I brought him down with me and he played while I had my coffee and read my Bible, but soon he was cranky and tired again, and not wanting to nurse, so back up to bed he went. 

Ahhhhh, now I still had about a half an hour of time to myself when I saw a little set of chubby pink feet scootching down the steps.  Adelaide can't get out of her room by herself, so I knew she must have an accomplice.  Sure enough, the long, brown legs of Evangeline weren't far behind.  I don't need to tell you how much I love my kids, but seeing three of their sweet little faces before 7 am was not my idea of a quiet morning.  Evie, being slightly more reasonable than her baby sister, went back upstairs to watch the clock.  But my Adelaidey was there to stay, nursing while I read my book, waiting fairly patiently while I poured my second cup of coffee.  The morning has not gone according to my plans, but the plans of God, are often different, and always better.  It was the perfect day, really, to miss the time in the morning, as I was able to spend the bulk of my day in lively conversation with my sweet friend (the aforementioned Maggie) while our kids played together happily.  

Mag and Me, at her daughter's "World Beat Dance" birthday party last year.  She is African.  I am French.  There is a certain amount of irony in that.
Today is (hopefully) the last day this week that I'll be waking up at six, and I was SUPER tired when I woke up.  Thankfully, there was some delicious coffee already prepped in the kitchen...although my poor sweet hubby was up at 5 to make it!  The last thing I remember was that he was heading in to the kitchen to make coffee before we went to bed, but there must have been a misfire somewhere in his big old brain, because when he was putting Jude back to bed, he realized he had forgotten to make it.  Now, please know that I tried to convince him to get back in bed and not worry about it, but Jesse is not one to leave a job undone.  The poor guy is extra tired this morning, but I am grateful for him...and his bean grinding skills.  I'm ready to face this day with a smile, and hopefully I'll be back to blog some more...about something other than my sleep schedule and hardcore coffee habit!

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